My name is Juuso and I'm a UX/UI designer from Finland. I create intuitive experiences between users & interfaces. I design mobile apps, websites and everything UX/UI related. Please see my work below to learn more.

From mobile to desktop and beyond.

Simple is hard. Easy is harder.
Invisible is hardest.
- Jean-Louis Gassée

UX/UI Design

I perform UX/UI design efficiently but still pay attention to the smallest details. The interface is the product and creates the experience for the client. My goal is to make it great.

Front End Development

Light, responsive and stunning. I like to design minimal and mobile friendly websites. HTML+CSS are my cup of tea.


Motion creates the perfect user experience. I have a motion graphics background and always approach UX/UI Design through animations.

Visual Design

Whether it's a product or brand, I always start with a tailored approach. My goal is to design something clean and distinguishable.


For more work, please see my Dribbble.


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